27 enero, 2017

Old school goes disco by CNF

playlist# in comments

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Fd dijo...

The S.T.U.D. Band - Success (cnf's edit)
Kool D.J.A.J. - Ah, that's the joint (cnf's edit)
Fly Guy - Fly guy rap (cnf's edit)
Mifflin Ensemble - The M.E. Experiencie (cnf's edit)
Mr Magic - Potential (cnf's edit)
Philosophy Rappin' Spree - Super 3 (cnf's edit)
Manujothi - Shake your body (cnf's edit)
Family Four - Rap attack (cnf's edit)
Slo Grip - Raganomics (cnf's edit)
Mr. Magic - Gilligan's island to the beat (cnf's edit)
Just Us - The hall of just us (cnf's edit)
Terry Lewis and Wild Flower - The people's message take two (cnf's edit)
Captain Rock - Cosmic blast (cnf's edit)
Poor Boy Rappers - The D.J. rap (cnf's edit)
Leroy Franklin Starbird Band - Star Bird (cnf's edit)
Chime disco - Love come back (cnf's edit)